Printer drivers in a multiuser environment.

Written by Ingmar Verheij on November 4th, 2009. Posted in Printing

If you’re familiar with the challenges of printer drivers in a multiuser environemnt you can skip the first part of this post.

The challenge of printer drivers in a multiuser environment
The first terminal server implementation i’ve done was a Windows NT 4 Terminal Server. This is where i’ve learned (the hard way) that printer drivers and a multiuser enviroment is a snake pit. Finding the right driver for the printer is a difficult job which was done by trial-and-error.

Encrypted pages (HTTPS / SSL) are unable to export to local applications

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Internet based applications can be used to export content to a local application. Usually this is done by exporting the content to a format which is commonly used, like .PDF (Adobe Reader), .XLS (Microsoft Excel) or .DOC (Microsoft Word).

When the data is exported the user is confronted with a dialog which allows the user to open or save the document. In this dialog the content type is already shown (because of the file type association), an indication most of the tasks are processed in a correct order. The dialog could look like this (in dutch):
Right result

[Sneak preview] RES PowerFuse 2010

Written by Ingmar Verheij on October 31st, 2009. Posted in Workpace Manager

Yesterday at ‘RES Software Partner Focus’ the new release of PowerFuse was shown to the public. CTO Bob Janssen gave a short demonstration of the new features and the redesigned management console.
RES PowerFuse is a ‘user environment workspace manager’ and can be used for all Windows desktops. It create a unified desktop with central management, secures the desktop environment, optimizes performance (on shared environments like TS/XenApp), and many more.

In the new release of PowerFuse, called 2010, RES went back to basic and ask thereselve the question “Why did we start building this product?”
Eventually they realized it was mainly about three items. Content, context and security.
Applications, printers and settings (etc) are content which needs to be deliverd to users based on groups, location, role (etc), which is the context. And of course there’s a need for security.

Do we need ‘fancy’ features for VDI?

Written by Ingmar Verheij on October 30th, 2009. Posted in Desktop Virtualization

Everyone knows that more and more people are thinking about VDI, or at least they’re talking about VDI. And most of these people don’t really know what they’re talking about, what they really want and what they need. There are more usecases, solutions, alternatives which might be better for most of them.
In this article i’m talking about ‘hosted virtual desktops’, the way most people see VDI. The desktop is a virtual machine running on a hypervisor in the datacenter.

Yesterday I attended a presentation where VMware was talking about VMware View, there product for VDI implementations. In this presentation one of the key-features of VMware View was there ESX plaform, and all the ‘fancy’ features this hypervisor has. And with ‘fancy’ features I mean features like VMotion, High Availability, DRS and Fault Tolerance.
These are all great features and very usefull, in enterprise environments, for servers. In smaller environments these features aren’t necessary or even needed. In fact, in most enterprise environments not all features are really required, there used because “we can”.

Schaamnaam 2009 : Fokje modder

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Op radio 3 FM houden de radio deejays Coen en Sander elk jaar een zoektocht naar de meest schaamvolle naam van het land. De voorwaarde hierbij is dat:
1) de naam schaamtelijk is;
2) echt bestaat (ze bellen de betreffende persoon op om te verifieren).

Na een periode waarin de luisteraars namen konden opgeven is er een short-list gepubliceerd waarop gestemd kon worden.
Vrijdag werd de top 10 schaamnamen gepubliceerd:
2. Constant Lam
3. Jos Tibant
4. Coos Busters
5. Conny Plassen
6. Chil Persoon
7. Izzy van Gisteren
8. Wil Krikke
9. Brad Wursten
10. Charrel Kip

Werkelijk hilarisch, je zal er maar mee thuis komen. Pap, mam, ik wil jullie voorstellen aan…
Of wat te denken van de nummer 1?
A: Where are you going?
B: I am going to fokje modder.
A: What!?!


PS: This is a dutch post about shamefull dutch names, translating it would result in not-funny sentences and mis the whole purpose of the post. For example “there is a big but” (there are some remarks).

Ingmar Verheij