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OpsMgr: Prevent warning event 21405

Written by Ingmar Verheij on March 16th, 2012. Posted in Operations Manager

A System Center Operation Manager (SCOM or OpsMgr) management pack might cause warning event with ID 21405. This event is raised when a script is run without returning any data.


Log Name:      Operations Manager
Source:        Health Service Modules
Date:          16-3-2012 16:14:26
Event ID:      21405
Task Category: None
Level:         Warning
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
The process started at 16:14:26 failed to create System.PropertyBagData, no errors detected in the output.  The process exited with 0

A script is run to discover objects or to query data (to collect data – a rule – or to monitor and object – a monitor) and should return this data to the MOM.ScriptAPI object so it can be processed. If a script is run without returning data OpsMgr suspects an issue. A script might not return data because of antivirus, DEP or by design. If you design a management pack, continue reading.