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HP Smart Zero Client, a first impression

Written by Ingmar Verheij on July 18th, 2012. Posted in Other

In the end of 2011 Hewlett-Packard introduced a range of zero clients and described them as “the affordable, reprogrammable and to-smart-to-be-called-a-zero-client, clients”. The clients come in two forms; HP Zero Clients, which are unmanaged, and the HP Smart Zero Clients. which are managed. An overview of the available products can be found on the HP website (link).


I had the opportunity to get some hands-on-experience with a HP t510 (a HP Smart Zero Client) and the HP Automatic Update Server software.

Monitor “HP Proliant Server health on “Citrix XenServer” with Nagios

Written by Ingmar Verheij on July 8th, 2011. Posted in Monitoring

Nagios Powered

Nagios is a powerful monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes.

After experiencing problems with a HP Proliant DL380G6 that unexpectedly restarts, caused by a Automated Server Recovery (ASR), monitoring the status of the Citrix XenServers running on HP Proliant Servers is required in Nagios.

Nagios is a flexible solution that can be expanded with plugins. Plugins can be found at Nagios Exchange, this is where I found the check check_hpasm plugin (direct link). Unfortunately this plugin does not check the ASR status.

In this article I will describe how I’ve configured Groundwork (using Nagios) to monitor the health of HP Proliant Servers and expanded the check_hpasm plugin to check for ASR health.