Allow desktop session with XenApp 6

If a user tries to login to a desktop (ICA or RDP) the following error is displayed:
"The desktop you are tying to open is currently unavailable. Contact your administrator to confirm that the correct settings are in place for you client connection."

Although the user is member of the “Remote Desktop Users” group a Citrix user policy needs to be configured.

To allow a user to connect to a desktop session a new policy should be created / an existing should be edited.
This can be done at the policies section : Citrix Delivery Services Console > Citrix Resources > “farm name” >Policies > Tab User.

The following policies might apply for your configuration:

  • ICADesktop launches : “Allows or prevents non-administrative users to connect to a desktop session on the server.
    When allowed, non-administrative users can connect. By default, non-administrative users cannot connect to desktop sessions.”
  • ICALaunching of non-published programs during client connection : “Specifies whether to launch initial applications or published applications on the server. By default, only published applications are allowed to launch.”


Ingmar Verheij

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