How to disable the DHCP server on an Apple Airport

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The Apple Airport (extreme) is “in my humble opinion” a very good access point for home and small office use. As with other Apple products it’s really a dummy-proof products that’s easy to setup and use. But for the more adventurous user the it might feel as if you’re force to do what Apple tells you to do (sounds familiar?).

For instance disabling the DHCP server is not an option if you’re sharing a public IP (better known as network address translation – NAT). If you want to run your own DHCP server (where you can configure stuff like DHCP options) you have two options.

How to enable administrative shares for local accounts

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If you enabled file and printer sharing in Windows you can access shared folders from a remote machine. By Windows shares administrative folders like IPC$, Admin$, C$ (and all other disks) for administrative purposes.

Since Windows XP you need to enable access to these folders if you want to access them with a local account (like Administrator). Domain accounts with administrative permissions on the system are always allowed to access the administrative shares.

Images tooltip in PDF

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Have you ever read a PDF document and noticed a tooltip when you hovered over an image? Did you notice that the information didn’t looked like it’s supposed to be there? It shouldn’t, it’s not pretty and it annoys me Knipogende emoticon

Not only does this happen in my own documents, I’ve see this in official documents of (major) companies.

Citrix - XenDesktop Design StudyPQR - User Environment Management (UEM) Smackdown

Determine WAN latency for remoting protocol

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Author : Ingmar VerheijSlow lane

Latency is the time required for a package to travel to its destination. Latency arises because the media the packet is travelling on has limits (for instance bandwith) and because the packet has to be processed by systems (like NIC’s, switches, routers, etc.).

The more items in a chain the bigger the latency.

Experiment: let Google Instant decide?

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Author : Ingmar Verheij

Google InstantA common heard urban legend is that a man is thinks about sex every seven seconds. I doubt it, but Google Instant helps.

I use Google frequently for the most simple things. Things like where to get my food, buy a kitchen or to find a document. Recently I “googled” how I could improve my poker skills. During the 10 second it took me to type the search, Google showed me some peculiar results.