“Fier” this printer driver

Written by Ingmar Verheij on December 4th, 2009. Posted in Printing

Recently I wrote a few articles about the problems with printer drivers in a multi-user environment. In the past weeks I’ve been troubleshooting a problem with Citrix servers who randomly hang, without any clear cause.
The source of all problems was a classic issue, bad printer drivers.

So what happened?
This can be seen through different eyes, and different perspective. The end-user, administrator and the consultant.

Stresstest your printer drivers

Written by Ingmar Verheij on November 6th, 2009. Posted in Performance testing, Printing

A few days ago I wrote an article about the issues with printer drivers in a multiuser environment. In this article I advised you to test you’re printer drivers in a acceptance environment, preferably with real users testing. This can be achieved with a LoadTest / StressTest tool like the Denamik LoadGen, which is free up to 25 users. And since testing with 10 users is enough to stress a driver, there’s no need to buy a license.

Today I would like to tell you how this is done, step-by-step.

The goal
We’re going to try to use the printer environment as realistic as possible, but where focusing on the worst case scenario. Because where trying to find out whether the printer driver is functioning correct when multiple users are printing, where going to simulate that a number of users are printing to printers using the same printer driver.

Printer drivers in a multiuser environment.

Written by Ingmar Verheij on November 4th, 2009. Posted in Printing

If you’re familiar with the challenges of printer drivers in a multiuser environemnt you can skip the first part of this post.

The challenge of printer drivers in a multiuser environment
The first terminal server implementation i’ve done was a Windows NT 4 Terminal Server. This is where i’ve learned (the hard way) that printer drivers and a multiuser enviroment is a snake pit. Finding the right driver for the printer is a difficult job which was done by trial-and-error.

Printen op 64bits Citrix / Terminal servers

Written by Ingmar Verheij on February 8th, 2009. Posted in Printing

De meest voor de hand liggende reden om te kiezen voor een 64 bit Citrix (of Terminal server) omgeving is vanwege het beschikbare werkgeheugen. Een 32 bit besturingsysteem kan niet meer dan 4 GB adresseren (2 ^ 32 = 4294967296) en zal dus op een alternatieve manier meer geheugen moeten adresseren. Het is dus wel mogelijk maar levert beperkingen op.

Hier lijkt een 64 bit omgeving dé oplossing.

Bij het inrichten van een Citrix (of Terminal server) omgeving op een 64 bit platform zijn er een aantal dingen waar je rekening mee moet houden. Zeker in het kader van het gebruik van geheugen.