Hello! I am Ingmar.

Exchanging experience -- ideas or knowledge -- is one of my big passions! I can transform ideas and knowledge into relevant insights for technical and non-technical audiences and enjoy delivering this at work, through public speaking, on stage, or via podcasting. I'm a passionate and experienced technologist, public speaker, and industry analyst with a focus on IT services, automation, and modern workstyles.


Having strong analytical skills and a positive attitude result in the high-quality completion of tasks and the creation of new ideas. I take pride in my ability to learn, work structured, master new technologies quickly, and transform knowledge into relevant materials for technical and non-technical audiences.


Having worked in consultancy, product development, product marketing, and pre-sales makes me an all-around specialist with 25 years of experience in the field of Information Technology.

Ingmar Verheij

Like a Digital Nomad

Digital nomads are people who travel freely while working remotely using technology and the internet. Digital Nomads believe work is a not a place but a thing you do.


More and more employees have the need for the freedom to work in a place that suits the situation. Sometimes that's in the office, at home, or on the go. Personally, I prefer a hybrid form where one day I go to the office to meet people, and the other day I work remotely. The best of both worlds!


I can assist in facilitating this workstyle so that your employees have the flexibility to choose where they work, providing your organization with the assurance that your employees are productive and your data is secure.

Ingmar Verheij

Provided Services

Below you'll find some examples of services I provide as an allround professional.

The services are based on my experiences with various clients where I have worked. Through these experiences, I have gained knowledge of different software products in end-user computing (EUC) markets such as Citrix, VMware, Microsoft/Windows 365. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to gain experience with low-code platforms such as Appian, OutSystems, Power Platform, and related technologies.

Advisory Services

As an experienced and all-around technology professional I can provide consultancy services to support your organization in driving change, with people or technology (e.g. modern place-independent workspace).


Assessing the perceived or computational performance of your application or desktop environment. Defining a baseline, load- or stress-testing. Web, SaaS or Windows applications, I can test it for you.


As a technology evangelist, I can support your organisation establish or mature your pre-sales organisation, create technical assets and represent at in-person or virtual events.

What Others Say

Read some of the reviews peers wrote after working with me

Ingmar worked with passion and great attention to detail. He took ownership, showed creative thinking, and relentless efforts to improve everything he did.

In addition, I am especially thankful for Ingmar's thinking around new and innovative ways to gather data points, distribute insights and work as a team. I appreciate this (thought) leadership a lot.


Thomas Berger

Product Strategist

Ingmar is great to work with as he is energetic, inquisitive, and insightful. Just as important as his research methodology is his ability to synthesise and distribute his finding is a an easy to consume format. I used his research both for a broad understanding of the market as well as for specific insights. This has been incredibly useful to me in my current and past roles and to the broader EMEA business.


Gerard Lavin

Field CTO

I can't overstate how much value has Ingmar brought to the broader Product team. Ingmar has redefined what it means to lead the Compete function for our product! Not only was Ingmar attuned to the market and technology trends, but he also had a deep understanding of the "why" behind the SWOT analysis he performed for our product and the competitors' products. He also came up with a framework that helped us - the product team - focus on what matters, instead of drowning in the sea of information. Ingmar has always voiced his honest opinion, even if it was unpopular, and this has helped drive some business-critical conversations.


Eugene Yamnitsky

Product Management Executive

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