Manage Citrix NetScaler X with IE9

NetScaler X

After an upgrade of a NetScaler from 9.3 to NetScaler X (NetScaler 10) I wasn’t able to manage it from Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).  All you would see is a grey bar on top and a white screen Bedroefde emoticon

I’’ve only been able to test this with a non-default (nsroot) username .

This is a known problem at Citrix, but unfortunately it isn’t solved (yet). Enabling or disabling the compatibility mode as described on this thread at Citrix forums didn’t solve the problem for a compete 100%. The ‘best’ workaround is to set the browser mode to Internet Explorer 8.


After you login to the NetScaler you will see a grey bar and nothing else, except some white space.

Netscaler X loginCitrix Netscaler - Configuration... not working



  1. Press F12 to open the Developer Tool.
  2. Change the Browse Mode from ‘Internet Explorer 9 – Compatibility Mode’ to ‘Internet Explorer 8’
  3. Ignore the error that it’s can’t retrieve the version, it will after a refresh (or selecting another node)

Citrix Netscaler - Configuration... fixed


If that didn’t work

If setting the browse mode to IE8 didn’t solve the problem you can try the following suggestions:

  • Use the x64 version of Internet Explorer
  • Use Sun Java Runtime Environment 6 update 16
  • Use Google Chrome instead (portable version can be found here)
  • Use the default username (nsroot) instead

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