“Management Interface: VHD Error” with PVS and DFSR

You might encounter the following error when you use Microsoft DFSR to replicate the vDisk store in your Citrix PVS when uploading a vDisk:

Management Interface: VHD Error

Using a staging vDisk store helps preventing this error.


This message is thrown when the vDisk is uploaded to a store that’s provided by multiple servers (and replicated via DFSR). There could be two reasons this happens:

  • DFSR started replicating the initial (empty) files and, as a result, temporary locks the file preventing the vDisk to be uploaded;
  • Your machine got connected to a different streaming server but the files aren’t replicated yet (as explained by Bram Wolfs).



To prevent his situation you can create a separate vDisk store that’s provided by a single server (not replicated by DFSR) and copy the vDisk after uploading.


Other resources

Other reasons for the same error message could be:

  • You have a NetApp and the CIFS Max Multiplex was set too high (see CTX132458)
  • The vDisk store is placed on storage with a FAT file system instead of NTFS (see CTX133042)



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