Why is my iPhone battery draining?

Last weekend I was at PubForum (now E2E Virtualization Conference) in Dublin Ireland. During the sessions I used my iPhone once in a while to check twitter, nothing more then usual.

My battery however, was draining really fast. I had to charge my iPhone three times a day and still found myself with an empty battery in an Irish pub.


Battery life of an iPhone is short, especially when you use 3G, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth etc. In Ireland I had most disabled, WiFi was sometimes connected. Even closing all apps and rebooting the operating system did not solve the problem.

The problem was caused by an e-mail migration. One of my e-mail profiles is an Exchange profile with Push mail (which is brilliant btw). Because of the e-mail migration the passwords where temporarily changed and the availability was bad.

I frequently got a question about the password, which i didn’t had.


Removing (or completely) disabling the profile was no option. The profile also contained all my contacts and agenda’s, removing the profile would result in a nearly (and unusable) iPhone.

So, lesson learned : During an e-mail migration my iPhone battery last (way) shorter then normal.



Ingmar Verheij

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