Author : Ingmar Verheij

Google InstantA common heard urban legend is that a man is thinks about sex every seven seconds. I doubt it, but Google Instant helps.

I use Google frequently for the most simple things. Things like where to get my food, buy a kitchen or to find a document. Recently I “googled” how I could improve my poker skills. During the 10 second it took me to type the search, Google showed me some peculiar results.

Lesson learned? Google Instant has no clue what I’m searching for until I’m done typing. Second, there are some sick people out there!  Would I have chosen to accept the suggestions of Google Instant I would have learned how:

  1. to get site of hyves, hotmail, h&m, hotmail, hollands got talent;
  2. to met you’re mother;
  3. you’re doing;
  4. to love;
  5. the movie “how do you do” is like;
  6. I get my sister to sleep with me (seriously!?! people, common!);
  7. to live;
  8. I look;
  9. I would get to be alone with you;
  10. I get bigger breast;
  11. I get bigger górons sword (What’s a gorons sword?)
  12. I get blueprints in zombie lane;
  13. get better at black ops;
  14. get better at singing;
  15. get better at golf;
  16. get better at running;
  17. get better in bed;
  18. get better internet speed;
  19. get better iphone reception;
  20. get beter in fifa 11;
  21. get better in math;
  22. get better in mw2;
  23. get better in playing guitar;
  24. get better in poker.

That’s 23 thing I did not ask for, but it did got me thinking. What would happen if I would listen to Google Instant? Is it worth an experiment?


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