Migrating PowerFuse 2008 to 2010

When upgrading your RES PowerFuse 2008 environment to a RES PowerFuse 2010 beware of the fact that the database structure has changes. Although the upgrade path should be pretty straight forward, there are some risks you should consider.
During the migration you should be aware of the fact that because of the changes in the database, and the way the management console reads/writes the objects, the changed made to the one version might not be available to the other version.

The “RES PowerFuse 2010 Upgrade Guide” says the following :

Running RES PowerFuse in a mixed environment
You can run RES PowerFuse 2008 and RES PowerFuse 2010 next to each other in a mixed environment. Keep this period as short as possible and do not make any changes in the RES PowerFuse configuration during this period:

  • Due to database changes, not all changes made in a RES PowerFuse 2010 Datastore can be processed by a RES PowerFuse 2008 Agent and vice versa
  • Changes made in a RES PowerFuse 2008 Management Console are not applied for the full 100% to the RES PowerFuse 2010 Agents. The other way around, changes made in a RES PowerFuse 2010 Management Console are not applied for the full 100% to RES PowerFuse 2008 Agents.

Ingmar Verheij

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